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  1. great blog .. can u plz provide me with ur rss feed


  2. vivir

     /  March 27, 2011

    luv ur blog i sent message 2 ur email i hope u read it
    thank u

  3. vivir

     /  April 9, 2011

    hi again i sent u twice but it’s obvious u didn’t get it so i’ll put it here
    i saw ur blog and im in love with it u mention most ppl im interesting in thier works like dean martin pin-up gurls all the vintage stuff since u soo in to retro like i do especially wen it’s comes 2 music i would luv to see bob daylan , tom waits,cat stevens and ya i notice that u like slow songs listen to Peppino Di Capri-Tamo E Tamero my fav italian song i hope u like it :p and there is band “the like” they look like in 60’s i hope u like them 2 ok i have to end now because if i don’t i can go on on on non stoping anyways if u like anything and want 2 send more im here just let me know
    bye now


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